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New Horizon Gurukul Pre School, established in 2012, is a leading school in the city catering to young children in the kindergarten age group. Our curriculum is designed to provide a holistic environment that reflects Indian culture, enabling children to become independent and well-groomed.

  • We provide a holistic curriculum that focuses on Indian culture, making children self-sufficient for higher education.
  • Our rich and stimulating learning environment encourages creativity and imagination in children.
  •  We develop language skills through storytelling, conversation, dramatics, and games, and introduce subjects like E.V.S. and Mathematics innovatively.
  •  Our spacious learning studios with child-friendly furniture provide a creative and innovative learning experience.

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    An amalgamation of the Montessori and the play-way method
    The development of rich spoken vocabulary and communicative skills
    Development of cognitive and social skills
    The development of sensory perception through the use of learning materials
    Value Based Education
    Celebration of various festivals

    Our Academic Programme


    New Horizon Gurukul Pre School Nursery Section provides an exceptional learning environment for young children in Bangalore. With a focus on physical, emotional, and social growth, the nursery section at New Horizon Gurukul Pre School  is the perfect place for young children to begin their educational journey.


    The full form of LKG is Lower Kindergarten. The LKG Syllabus gives students an introduction in the basics of English and numbers. Engaging and creative LKG worksheets are used to help the student practice. The top LKG schools in Bangalore and LKG school admission in Bangalore ensures your child seamlessly transforms from regular education provided at home to a school level education.


    The full form on UKG is Upper Kindergarten. The UKG Syllabus revolves around English, mathematics, environmental science and general awareness. Creative methods such as flash cards and role plays are used to teach the child as they learn how to interact freely.

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