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5 Factors You Must Consider While Choosing a Pre School for your Child

One of the most difficult stages for a parent is when they have to choose the perfect preschool or school for their child.  

Every parent wants to give their child a quality education, from the early stages. Preschool, also known as playschool/preprimary/kindergarten, is the educational facility that toddlers (admission starts from 1 year 10 months) attend before they start off their journey in Primary school (usually between 6-7 years). The best place for your child to learn motor skills, sensitivity towards others, general manners, healthy habits, socialize, learning the basics of alphabets, numbers and more is a Preschool. Since, a preschool essentially prepares the child for their forthcoming educational journey it is a must that parents find a preschool apt for their child. One that not only offers safety and basic education but an all-around approach towards forming their developmental stages.  

Majority of the older generations did not live among the concept of Preschools. However, the current generation of children constantly need to be challenged and taught using various contrasting approaches. The practise of sending children to a preschool assures a professional approach to even basic learning like rhymes and storytelling. Something parents may not always be able to incorporate on a daily basis. Preschools in Bellandur, Bangalore like New Horizon Vidya Mandiare responsible for developing the following skills in a toddler: Listening skills, pre-reading skills, pre-writing skills, basic mathematical concepts, memory, early science concepts, social skills, creative expression, musical skills, auditory/visual perception skills and more. 

The benefits of sending your child to a preschool comes in abundance, but how do you choose the right preschool? Let us take you through the 5 most crucial factors which you must consider while selecting the best pre-school in Bangalore among the list of preschools in Bangalore: 

  • Credibility: you must check the school’s online review. You should also consult other parents who send their child to the preschool you are looking at for feedback. You must also actively ask the school difficult questions such as: what is your teacher student ration, how many teachers and caretakers do you have, do you have in-campus pets, are you certified by any board, what are your in-house medical facilities, do you have parent-accessed CCTV cameras, and more. Asking these questions will allow you to know more about the school and their originality.  
  • Safety: although majority of the best preschools in Bangalore follow every safety protocol, one can never be too sure. While you are searching for the top 10 preschools in Bangalore for your child, make sure to take a tour of the preschool checking their safety measures. Are their surrounding walls big enough, is there any substance that can be a hazard for the children in the premise (wires/branches). Check where the parking is allotted for parents and staff. Are there enough security guards, wardens, caretakers and nurses for the campus. New Horizon Vidya Mandir recognizes the necessity for safety and maintains all the safety protocols. NHVM also keeps an ambulance in the campus 24/7 for any unforeseen circumstances.    
  • Distance: just as checking the safety and security of the preschool is important, your availability in terms of proximity is also a major factor. You should either stay or work close to your child’s preschool. Travelling to a far-off school can be a hassle for the child and you. Availing bus services and constantly keeping a track of it while you are at work or having to drive to and from work to pick up your child can be a stressor. For a stay-at-home parent as well, driving/travelling for an equal amount of time as the child stays in school can be avoided by choosing a preschool near you. So, you might want to look up “best preschool near me” before you make a choice. 
  • Infrastructure: not only in the terms of having an amalgamation of traditional and modern teaching through Smart TVs and Blackboard learning; parents must also check how child friendly the surrounding is. A child would find no joy in being stuck at a school for 3-5 hours with no space to play or even a place with boring colors. His/her development is sure to be stunted. So, while you’re looking for affordable preschool fees in Bangalore or the best kindergarten school in Bangalore make sure to look for a large enough playground, attractive colors, innovative teaching gadgets, nature in abundance and more. Your child should learn basics of education while understanding how to socialize and learning to respect and understand the benefits of nature.  
  • Values: one would think that there is only one stringent way to mold a child into a respectable young man/woman. We must realize that each parent and each school have a different way of parenting/teaching. Some schools choose to teach in the surrounding of pets and nature while others stick to an institutional approach. Some schools use modern technology, others more traditional and some that mix both. Some schools choose to incorporate certain religious values and morals in the child through learning and some do not. The type of school you choose for your child should be apt for your child’s mental and physical growth. Your values, core beliefs and aims must be, to an extent, matched with that of the schools’.  

Among all of these factors there are multiple other factors that come into play as well, for example: pandemic learning – teaching methods, Preschool fees in Bangalore, co-curricular activities and celebrations, preprimary class syllabus, preprimary school activities, pre-primary activity worksheets and more! 

New Horizon Vidya Mandir takes your child through playgroup, nursery, lower kindergarten and upper kindergarten teaching them English, Mathematics, E.V.S (Environmental Science), Hindi/Kannada(LKG, UKG), Music, General Knowledge, Physical Education, Dance / Drama, Value Education and Art / Craft. Bound by values and morals amidst letting the child explore the world around them NHVM has outshined most schools in being the best preprimary school in Bangalore among the list of preschools in Bangalore. It stands to be the top playgroup in Bellandur, Bangalore for your child. 

If you are searching for the best preschool in Bangalore with affordable preschool fees in Bangalore among the list of preschools in Bangalore then NHVM should definitely be considered by you. 

As a new parent to a toddler that is always exploring and learning, at the peak of their early developmental years, it is essential to enrol your child in the best kindergarten school in Bangalore, why wait? Look up the preschool registration process and pick up the pre primary school admission form to NHVM – the best preprimary in Bellandur, Bangalore today!