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Biggest Pre Primary Infrastructure In Bangalore

Class Room

Large, spacious and well-lit classrooms with colorful play areas attached. Also provides proper ventilation and natural light.


Our Rangabhoomi is a beautifully designed open-air theatre where our tiny tots can display their hidden talents in a variety of shows.

Dance Room

Children can express themselves through the medium of Dance in different styles. It is also a means by which children learn to move in a disciplined and rhythmic manner.

Music Room

Music is an excellent exercise for discriminating between sounds & tones. We at New Horizon Vidya Mandir (NHGPS) make music a part of life for our children from a very early age.

CCA Room

A spacious CCA room aptly designed based on our Indian culture, inspiring our kids to compete in various co-curricular activities.

AV Room

The Audio-Visual room provides the ambiance of an enchanted world and is well equipped with all the latest technology

Play Areas

Well equipped play areas, where the children can enhance their motor skills and improve physical coordination. Play time also improves social skills as the children play together in groups.

Medical Aid Room

In case of medical emergencies, we have a fully equipped medical aid room with an on-duty nurse who is present. We also have an ambulance at hand if required.

Montessori Environments

The Montessori Method emphasizes on giving freedom to the child in its learning process. Here,the early years of childhood development are devoid of strenuous intellectual activity and spontaneous enthusiasm with excitement on acquiring knowledge is encouraged. As the stress is on exploring and experimenting, the child’s mind is trained to adopt self corrective measures.This in turn, leads to the development of mental discipline.

NHG Pre School Transport

A fleet of well equipped, comfortable, and air-conditioned buses to provide transportation for the children. All the buses are equipped with GPRS trackers and CCTV cameras. There is a female attendant present on every bus to cater to your child’s safety and comfort during his/her transit.

For any queries, Please contact +919844800639, +919844800641