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Registration forms for Playgroup, Nursery, LKG & UKG for the academic year 2024-25 will be available from 18th September 2023

Montessori and Play Way School: Admission Process



Children who have completed 2 Years as on 1st June 2024 are eligible for Playgroup.


The child should have completed 3 years as on 1st June 2024 , for admissions to Nursery.

For all other classes, the corresponding age is taken into account for admission.

Admission Notice




New Horizon Gurukul Pre School was established in 2012 by the New Horizon Educational Institutions (NHEI) to provide your child with a strong value-based foundation for their education and life ahead.

The best pre-schools in Bangalore/best kindergarten school in Bangalore among the list of preschools in Bangalore lay out a concrete base for children in gross motor skills, problem-solving, fine motor skills, early mathematical concepts, listening skills, pre-writing skills and much more. NHG Pre School is one of the few pre primary schools in Bangalore that caters specifically to your toddlers (1 year 10 months onwards).

A Pre primary school encompasses nursery, LKG and UKG. Pre primary registration of your child ensures a solid foundation on which his/her primary education will be based. At pre school a student learns a myriad of social, physical, emotional and personal skills.


The top nursery schools in Bangalore bring to the young one’s a space to communicate, understand emotions, build social skills, gain language skills while also introducing them to literacy, mathematics, art, and the world around them. Nursery schools in Bangalore are essential for the physical, emotional and social development of the child.


The full form of LKG is Lower Kindergarten. The LKG syllabus gives students an introduction in the basics of English and numbers. Engaging and creative LKG worksheets are used to help the student practice. The top LKG schools in Bangalore and LKG school admission in Bangalore ensures your child seamlessly transforms from regular education provided at home to a school level education.


The full form on UKG is Upper Kindergarten. The UKG syllabus revolves around English, mathematics, environmental science and general awareness. Creative methods such as flash cards and role plays are used to teach the child as they learn how to interact freely.

By the time a student graduate’ from pre-school they have been educated about parts of the body, basics of reading, writing, Numerics, they learn social manners, basic responsibilities they have in the society along with values and social interaction.

The faculty and facilities at NHG Pre School are set up in a way that allows each child to explore, learn and bond with others. Some of our core beliefs are:

NHG Pre School recognizes the stress of a working parent who wants to give their child the best upbringing. We at NHG Pre School have the best day care in Bangalore that provides security and safety along with a homely feeling to each child. At the NHG Pre School daycare, children learn to bond, read stories, play games, finish homework and socialize.

Play group activities for preschoolers in the preschool age group (3-5) incorporates a playgroup syllabus which majorly deals with instilling confidence, providing communication skills, creativity skills and critical thinking. If you want to enroll your child to the best preschool in Bangalore with affordable preschool fees then you must consider NHG Pre School.

Every concerned parent wants to know what activities preschoolers enjoy? However, it is not always possible to stir up new activities to engage a toddler while helping them explore at home. This is why New Horizon Gurukul Pre School lends a helping hand to parents. NHG Pre School takes care of young minds, letting them explore and discover the world around them while the parents remain stress-free.

If you are at that stage in your parenthood where you are often found asking questions like: Which preschool is famous in Bangalore? Which is no 1 school in Bangalore? Which type of preschool is best? Then, all your questions can be answered by a mere click onto the NHG Pre School website.

We are constantly evolving our teaching methods to increase creativity and curiosity in the innovative mind of toddlers. Our extracurricular activities involve parents, physical activities, interaction with peers, other members of the family and learning about the world around them. In the pandemic situation, parents witnessed the efforts made by NHG Pre School to continue to help the child grow and learn from their own homes via virtual learning.