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The eternal bond between parent and child is something that is treasured by all of us and to commemorate this, we host our annual parent child show – Bandhan where parents and children perform various stage events to showcase their talents. Songs, dances, skits, fireless cooking, are but some of the events that are a part of this day.

Apart from the stellar academic schedule that the children follow, at New Horizon Vidya Mandir (NHGPS), we have a host of other events that take place throughout the year. This gives our children a wholesome mix of learning and fun. These events are also extended to include our students’ families.

Fruit Mela

Fruitalicious – the annual fruit mela is presented by the nursery grade every year and is an event that all the children look forward to as they get to have fun while learning about various fruits and their uses.

The mela includes an extravagant spread of colourful and delicious fruits that are brought by the students themselves in addition to which there are a variety of fruit carvings that are sent by the parents and also made by the teachers.

Grandparents Day

“Special people deserve a special day” and NHVM (NHGPS) celebrates Grandparents Day annually to dedicate a special day just for our student’s grandparents.

The day is filled with events that are prepared by the grandparents themselves in terms of songs, dances and talks in addition to which there are also events by the students and the teachers. The entire event has the festive air of a gala with food stalls with condiments prepared by the grandparents themselves, photo booths for memorable pictures and fun filled games.

Co-Curricular Activities

Apart from activities that are done in the classroom, the children are given the opportunity to participate in a host of co-curricular activities. Not only are these activities filled with fun but augment academics that are taught. Through these activities the children are able to portray their hidden talents.

Annual Sports Day 2023-24

One of the main events that is held annually is our Sports day. This is the perfect platform for young athletes to exhibit their prowess on the sports field with action packed races,colorful displays, a brilliant March past and excellent sportsmanship displayed by all our children,parents, teachers and supporting staff as well.

Field Trips