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Diwali Celebration 2020-2021

This year New Horizon Vidya Mandir celebrated Diwali with all the “DhoomDhamaka” that this beautiful festival of lights definitely entails. The students celebrated virtually with their teachers and friends starting with traditional shloka rendition, pujas and moving into the entire family taking part in various activities which brought out the creative streaks of all members like Handmade lanterns crafted by the fathers, Play with colours where colourful and decorative rangolis were created by the mothers, Diya decorations by our little champs, DJ teachers who played feet tapping music on popular demand and family ramp walks which all culminated with an air of good will and cheer which is what this celebration was all about.

To add more happiness and delight, this year, the students of New Horizon Vidya Mandir also received hampers filled with goodies, diyas, sparklers, custom made cups with their names and also included a laddoo making competition! All in all, it was definitely an occasion to enlighten hearts and strengthen the human bonds in our homes and in our school community.