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The academic year of 2020-2021 started with New Horizon Vidya Mandir facing a completely new challenge in the field of education for kindergartners due to the sudden emergence of the COVID 19 pandemic.

This year, the various faculty training programs revolved around teaching in the virtual environment. The training was a three day event, where all our teaching staff logged in remotely for their training as they prepared to step into the unknown world of teaching through a virtual medium especially for children in the pre-primary age group. The entire event was organised and facilitated by our very own Quality Assessment and Skill Development Centre-NHEI.

The program were conducted by Ms.Aparna Atreya and they were:

  • Online Training Program on – Multiple Intelligence. This session gave a good perception on how to plan learning concepts based on various intelligences so that it reaches out to all types of children.
  • “PLAY IT OUT”gave an insightof how play can be blended well with academics. It explained how teachers can provide an environment for children to build positive relationships through play. The workshop was amazingly crafted and unique.
  • The best practices for Working with children in a virtual classroom was another workshop conducted and delved into the unfamiliar territory that most of us find ourselves in on account of the current situation. It gave an insight of how an online class has to be conducted for pre-primary children and solutions for the difficulties the teachers may face in the process.