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Importance of a Day Care at a Pre-School

Parenting is a tough job, to say the least. A person’s entire existence changes from the moment a child is part of their life.

A new/first time parent is constantly adapting to the child’s schedule, dealing with exhaustion/sleep deprivation, working towards providing, while constantly worrying about the child’s safety among a host of other issues. Preschool (also known as Preprimary/Playschool) is now an important part of every child’s developmental process. A preschool prepares a child for their primary school education. Here, they learn various social and physical skills – numbers, rhymes, alphabets, communication, culture, manners and more! The child works on various psychosocial aspects to provide solutions to complex problems independently and in a group, preparing them for a smooth transition into primary school. However, the top 10 playschools in Bangalore among the list of preschools in Bangalore offer another specific service for parents that are toiling away day and night for their dear children – Day Care. Read on to find out which is the best daycare in Bangalore that is linked to the best preschool in Bangalore.

Daycares are setups where a child can spend the remaining hours after school before their parents can come to pick them up. The setup is at the school, which has a host of trained and reliable staff with a clean background, refreshments, nap time arrangement, games, a homework schedule and lots of fun games for children to take part in. Most daycares are open from the time the preschool closes till evening, general office timings. They are also open during vacations. But why is daycare important? Do stay at home parents also need to enroll their children in daycare? What is the importance of daycare in a preschool? Let us answer these questions for you

  • Emergencies: life is uncertain and a parent has a million errands to run. There may come a time when you are delayed or have a scheduled appointment/meeting that you must attend to. A day care in such a case is a blessing in disguise. Specifically, if it is linked to the school. You do not have to worry about transport or the safety of the child because they are only a call away. You can work on other things without guilt since your child is completely taken care of.
  • Working: a parent sacrifices a lot for their child. As much as a child brings in a new ray of hope and responsibilities some parents may miss having a career. Daycare is the perfect way for you to start re-working your career and taking a little time out for yourself to focus on what you want to do as opposed to the constant hustle-bustle of the family.
  • Development: daycare centers in Bangalore also provide a growth in cognitive skills because children learn fireless cooking, painting, singing and dancing among other things. Children, at home, may not be able to regularly work on these things. A child care center releases this stress off the parents by focusing on cognitive training for each child. Children also learn social skills and emotional independence through daycares.
  • Engaging: constantly coming up with engaging activities to keep your kids entertained is a task for every parent. Dealing with burnout while your little champ feels nothing but increasing curiosity and excitement is difficult. The top 10 preprimary schools in Bangalore with daycare centers help parents reduce burnout by engaging children in fun activities every day.
  • Routines: it is necessary for a child to be administered to a non-rigid yet regular routine. Since our children spend a considerable amount of time in school from the age of 6 up to 20, it is best that we provide some amount of smooth transitioning to them. Age 3-6, where they are learning, exploring and beginning to enquire about the world around them, they should also be able to fall under a specific routine. This can also bring in a healthy mindset about life and a positive outlook towards rules from early on

Be it a working or a stay-at-home parent, day cares in Bangalore are set up to help your child and you break free from the monotony while you get to focus on yourself and your child gets to spend time with peers, thinking, learning, playing and understanding the world around them. Of course, for working parents it is an added advantage because they are able to work stress free while the school provides safe, stable and hygienic day care till they can come pick up the child.

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