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Parents Involvement in Development – Preschool Years

Majority of the knowledge we gain, the way we see the world, our personality is a direct derivation of our parents. One of the joys of being a parent is to be able to raise a good human being. Guiding a child, finding the best preschool in Bangalore and eventually the best school for them; where they are able to learn new concepts along with manners and values is one of the most difficult decisions a parent has to make.  

Sometimes the infamous ‘parent guilt’ kicks in when you feel that you are not doing enough or doing too much. One is always trying to make ends meet, be there for the child, help the child with interpersonal and academic skills, and so much more! Preprimary schools like New Horizon Vidya Mandir (NHVM), Bhoganahalli – makes every inch of the effort in easing out the process of parenting. We not only guide the children but also include parents in the process. Although if you are a parent, that is struggling just like the others, then this article should help you out! Here are some ways in which you, as a parent, can play an important role through their developmental ages.  

  • Playtime Importance: working parents do not always have the time to spend playing/entertaining their young ones. Unlike said otherwise it is actually a job that is rather taxing. However, spending some hours through the day role playing, part taking in activities with your children can enhance their imagination and motor skills, along with their communication skills.  
  • Interaction in the community: It is very important that parents to young ones make friends in the community. This will engage your kids and you. You will be a part of a group where everyone is dealing with more or less the same things that you are dealing with. Enrolling your child in the best preschool in Bellandur allows you to be a part of that community. Being a part of playdates allows your children to interact with their peers and allows you to get the tips/tricks/hacks to parenting. Being part of a community, where everyone else is in the same page as you will eliminate the emotion of loneliness that new parents feel and will also better your choices. Interacting with the community by engaging in playtime at parks is also a great way for your child to learn new motor and interpersonal skills. And for you to find new people to talk to about similar issues you face as a parent. As the world is evolving, we are noticing that parents share their obstacles with parenting at all stages, so why shy away? The more you speak about it the more you understand that there are many more parents like you facing similar issues. Be it potty training, weaning, genetic disorders, speech or crawling/walking! 
  • Constant Conversation: at an age where children are learning words and how to use them the best you could do as a parent is have the most amount of conversation with them. Try to converse with them, even when they refuse to. As babies and toddlers who have not started using words yet, they are used to yelling, crying, pointing or just saying “toy” when they want a toy, for example. An alternate to simply handing out that toy can be asking the child to use their words – “Use your words – say May I please have that toy”. Encouraging your child to converse back with you is necessary to develop their speech and increase communication. Moreover, who doesn’t enjoy baby talk. This is as good as it gets! The top preschool in Bhoganahalli – NHVM tries to enhance toddlers’ speech by constantly conversing with them.  
  • Observing behavior to analyze errors: parents, as primary caregivers are the first ones to notice the good and the bad in their child. They are also the first ones to be worried and find solutions. Observing your child to correct incorrect habits/behaviors from time to time is something no one can do better than a parent. However, the top preschools in Bangalore acknowledge the difficulties parents face. Therefore, the staff and teachers are trained to find out the most minute details and work on them. Find out more about NHVM – the best playschool in Bangalore. 
  • Instilling confidence: parents can instill confidence in children way before the best preschools in Bangalore can. Parents should encourage their children to overcome their fears. Be it going down a slide or talking to new people. At the best preschools toddlers are made to participate in dance, fancy dress competitions, recitation and playtime with groups. This makes sure they can mingle freely and it also helps eradicate stage fright. The best preschool in kadubeesanahalli – NHVM is always making sure that children are interacting and graduate as confident, smart and developed primary school-goers.  

Apart from these there are multiple other factors that parents develop in toddlers’ way before schools can. Parents, as mentioned earlier are the primary caregivers and hold the most amount of influence on their kids. Majority of the behavior’s children have, which includes personality traits actually come from what they observe from a very young age. Therefore, it is essential to change our patterns so our children can learn better. That being said the top preschools in Bangalore and the best preschool in Bhoganahalli – NHVM are striving to bring the best of preprimary education to students across Bangalore. NHVM is a place for holistic development in children above 1 year 10 months. Our mission is tenable our children to become self-reliant and well equipped for the next step in their education. 

The academics at the best preschool in Bangalore – NHVM is tailor made for each child because we believe that every child is different and the approach towards their teaching methodologies must be different too. As a top preprimary school in Bangalore we are also aware of the importance that parents involvement holds in a child’s life. Our curriculum is set in a way that children feel encouraged and involved in our lives beyond academics. If you are looking up best preschools near me or best preprimary in bhoganahalli then NHVM is the best place for your child. We are able to give your child preschool admission in a preschool that values parents involvement and holistic development. So, pick up the preschool admission form to the best preschool in Bangalore!